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We have established a Flat Rate Repair/Exchange Program.  This means any product manufactured by Reilly SR LLC dba bodymics and purchased after Jan 1, 2019 is eligible to be repaired or replaced at a cost that is way less than buying a replacement - we don't care why it's not working or how it was damathe ged.  It also applies to field replaceable cables - this could save you a fortune on these  over a number of years.Covered brands include Broadway microphones, Drury Lane microphones, Creative Audio, RFdevices.

Just send the damaged/dead unit back with a note detailing who you are, where to ship to, and a list of what's included and an indication of when it was purchased and on which platform - our shopify web store, eBay or Amazon or through a third party.  We will check them out, and send you an invoice based on our current price list:-  

Broadway & Drury Lane          Creative Audio          RFdevices      


Once you Pay the invoice we will return your repaired/replaced item at our expense

If we can repair it for less than the flat rate price we will, but that may extend the process a couple of weeks. We will let you know your options.

Flat Rate Repair/Exchange Program

OUR VISION - bodymics Manufacturing

OUR VISION - bodymics rentals


We are always looking for products that we can manufacture, distribute or resell that will perform all the required functions at a better than acceptable level of quality and reliability at prices that are budget friendly. We will provide the best "BANG FOR THE BUCK".

COVID 19 is killing us!

Not just with the virus.  No theatre and live enttainment has brought our businesses to a standstill.  We are still here and plan to survive!!!


We build our system to be easy to use with components that are of the best possible quality at a given price point - we use Shure and Creative Audio wireless systems  and cover the margin from quality semi-pro to digital pro.

bodymics owned brands

We manufacture or have manufactured for us a range of theatre oriented audio products.​Our own brands

We rent wireless microphone systems for theatre and other uses, plus a full array of audio gear, some video and lighting


with the chaos caused by COVID 19 we have added a range of products to allow live streaming of productions

we stock a limited range of LED fixtures and control, followspots (LED with DMX) - great for smaller productions in gymatorium or cafetoriums with a lighting system

we are available to provide production services in New Jersey, Manhattan and eastern Pennsylvania

Rent wireless microphone systems and associated AV equipment at prices that are below market with customer service that is second to none placing particular emphasis on supporting school, church and community theatres.  Where possible systems will be tailored to the needs of the theatre world.

bodymics audio online store

We sell all our own products plus av gear from most major manufacturers including but not limited to:

  • Wireless Systems - Shure - Creative Audio - Sennheiser - AKG -Audio-Technica - RFdevices - Q'D Audio - Samson - Line 6 - Audix
  • Microphones - Bodymics - Shure - Sennheiser - Countryman - dpa - Point Source
  • Mixers - Soundcraft - Midas - Presonus - Allen & Heath - Behringer - Yamaha - Seiwin - Green Audio
  • Drive Electronics - dbx - Behringer - Green Audio - Seiwin
  • Power Amplifiers - Crown - QSC - Powersoft - Behringer - Crest - Yamaha - Seiwin - Green Audio
  • Speaker Systems - Creative Audio, JBL, QSC - Presonus - Bose - Crest - Yamaha - Green Audio - Q'D Audio
  • Production Intercoms - ClearCom - Eartec - RFdevices - Telex

What makes us tick?


microphones for wireless that out perform major brands at twice or more the cost

wireless microphone systems,  antenna distribution systems and speaker systems for theatre

turnkey wireless mic racked systems, rack cooling solutions, racks and rack accessories

battery chargers, power supplies and accessories

Create microphones and accessories for wireless microphone systems; especially those used in school and community theatres. These products must represent the "Value meets Quality" standard we live by.  These products and services will provide similar real world results as existing products at considerable savings.