All GoldenVoice earsets are available only in cream which satisfies about 85% of the market.  If you need to change the color you can apply makeup over the boom and capsule housing to get it closer to skin color.  Just make sure that no makeup gets into the capsule opening.

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The GV350 earset boom is made using a "springy" aluminum alloy tube that can be reshaped to fit the head of the talent with ease.  The boom can be re-shaped hundreds of times if you follow the guidelines in the above video.

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Current Models.  Current Prices.

The EC2 electret condenser capsule is sealed from moisture, making failures due to sweat or water getting into the microphone almost impossible.

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Just Cream.

Micro 1/8" Omni Electret Capsule.

Natural Sound.   Flat Response.   Easy to EQ.

Models for Almost every Wireless System

Water Resistant - Sweat Resistant Sealed Capsules

The GV350 earsets has a 4.2" aluminum tube shapeable boom. 

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Easy to Reshape the Boom & Earhook


GV350-AK   AKG, VocoPro, Samson

GV350-AT   Audio-Technica

GV350-GT   GTD

GV350-SE   Sennheiser

GV350-SH   Shure, CAD, Line6

Micro Omni Capsule.  12 Months Warranty

Fitted with our "compact" 3/8" diameter EC7p premium unidirectional (cardioid) capsule, these GV750 series earsets are undeniably the best value mouth facing compact cardioid capsule professional earsets currently on the market

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Standard Boom Length - about 4.2"

The GV350 earset is micro-small capsule omni-directional earset and is supplied with a field replaceable cable - this cable is the same as the one used on the GV750 and different from the one used on our BED5/BEV5/DE3V rangea.   GoldenVoice earsets are custom manufactured in China, and like our other microphones, we use mainly off the shelf components that we have selected for quality vs. value.  

This is by far the most cost effective "compact" mouth facing cardioid earset on the market. At less than $70.00 it represents unbelievable value for money. That's about 20% of the cost of the leading comparable earset microphone, yet in real world situations - on a theatrical stage - anyone would be hard pressed to hear any difference between them.

The GV750 is covered by our 12 month replacement warranty policy

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The EC2 electret condenser capsule produces a great natural sounding microphone.  With a nice flat frequency response from 20Hz to 20kHz the GV350 earset is a breeze to equalize to any room and to reproduce the talents voice accurately.

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If your earset stops working it will almost certainly be caused by the cable being damaged.  This is a result of the extremely thin cable all earset manufacturers use in order to make the cable as invisible as possible - a thin cable is susceptible to abuse caused by dropping the bodypack with the microphone connected and attached to the ear, or by wrapping the cable around the bodypack when storing the microphone.

So being able to replace the cable becomes a cost effective way of extending the life of your earset investment.  On average the microphone/boom assembly will out last 8 replacement cables.  If you had to replace the microphone 7 times you may spend $560.00 but if you can replace the cable 7 times at $30.00 per cable you will spend $280.00 - half price!.

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Field Replacement Cables.  Advantages.

The above connectors fit most of the wireless microphone brands - though they don't necessarily wire them the same as each other.  We can supply the connector and wiring you need.

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MOST MODELS ... was $69.97 NOW$48.97

"-AT" for Audio-Technica MODEL ... was $74.97 NOW$52.48

custom wirings are usually $5.00 more than the standard model with the same connector.

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​​GV350 Micro Capsule Omni Earset