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The EC2 electret condenser capsule has an omni-directional pickup (polar) pattern.  In all but the most feedback prone locations, an omni-directional capsule will usually give you as much gain before feedback as a cardioid capsule with way less complicated EQ settings, and a more natural sound.

The GV750 earset boom is made using a "springy" aluminum alloy tube that can be reshaped to fit the head of the talent with ease.  

The boom can be re-shaped hundreds of times if you follow the guidelines in this video -->.

"Best Value".     

12 Months Warranty

Color Choice:  Just Cream

"Grain of Rice" 1/10" Omni Capsule.

Fitted with our "compact" 3/8" diameter EC7p premium unidirectional (cardioid) capsule, these GV750 series earsets are undeniably the best value mouth facing compact cardioid capsule professional earsets currently on the market

Boom Length. Adult 4.4"


The GV750 earset is small capsule cardioid earset and is supplied with a field replaceable cable - this cable is the same as the one used on the GV350 and different from the one used on our BED5 range.   GoldenVoice earsets are custom manufactured in China, and like our other microphones, we use mainly off the shelf components that we have selected for quality vs. value.  

This is by far the most cost effective "compact" mouth facing cardioid earset on the market. At less than $150.00 it represents unbelievable value for money. That's about 20% of the cost of the leading comparable earset microphone, yet in real world situations - on a theatrical stage - anyone would be hard pressed to hear any difference between them.

The GV750 is covered by our 12 month replacement warranty policy

​​​​GoldenVoice GV750 Cardioid Earset 

Little or No Cable Noise or Clothing Rustle.

Cardioid Pickup


1 Year Limited Replacement Warranty


Field Replaceable Cables

clear vinyl zippered pouch - easily allows you see the typr, color and connector with out opening the protective pouch


Like Henry Ford ... you can have any color you like so long as it is cream

DE3 earsets come with the standard CD5c cable, but are available with any of the following

  • CD5c cable - 1.6mm diameter easy hide
  • CD6c cable - 2.2mm diameter heavy duty cable 
  • CD4c cable - 1.6mm diameter with hardened strain relief

​​​Compatible Systems: Stock or Custom.

Clear Vinyl Zipper Pouch

The EC7p electret condenser capsule is mounted, and the cable anchored such that little or no noise is transmitted to the capsule due to cable movement or even the rustle of clothing/costumes.  In extreme circumstances - like a tafferta dress, the normal precautions should be observed.

Easy to Reshape. Boom. Earhook.

All Bodymics Broadway and Drury Lane microphones are covered by out replacement warranty for 1 year and 5 days from date of purchase.

The warranty covers electrical failure and manufacturing defects only.  Any and all damage to cables is not covered.  99% of all warranty claims to date (and that is less than .2% of our sales over the last 2 years were caused by stretch cables or physical damage to booms.