For theatrical use, we have small "grain of rice" omni (1/10"), "near invisible" omni (3/16"), and standard omni (1/4") capsules.  Available in both black and cream, some in mocha brown.  The smaller capsules is perfect for taping to the cheek, weaving into the hairline or affixing to clothing or the body.

Spare Parts


​​We have a variety of different earset designs - fixed cable, field replaceable cable, omni "grain of rice" (1/10" diameter), omni "near invisible" (3/16") and small cardioid (3/8"), various boom lengths for adults, children and pros, many in both black and cream, and some in mocha brown.

We have production bodypack & microphone wall storage pocket panels to simplifying the storage and distribution of transmitter and microphone combinations pre and post show.

We also have microphone storage wallets and waterproof "pelican" style cases.

We also have a binder based storage solution that stores you microphones in canvas wallets inside a 3 or 4" three ring binder

Bodypack Hanger

  • Cable clothing clips
  • Lavalier clips
  • Mini hair clips
  • Wig rig clips
  • Ear rig forms
  • Hellerman sleeves
  • Face tape
  • Pop filters/windsceens
  • Spare cables
  • Connectors
  • Bodypack sheaths
  • ​Alkaline Batteries

​​Drury Lane microphones are built around our 2mm EC2 omni electret capsule which is housed in a 2.5mm (1/2") housing.


  • DE3 earsets 
  • DE3V earsets 


  • DH3 headsets


  • DLF3


​​​​​​Lightweight headsets are great when time is limited to put on a earset or face mic, or the movement on stage is very energetic - dance, tumbling, fight scenes.  Our current lightweight headsets feature the either 1/10" or 3/16" omni capsule and are available in cream, mocha brown and black.

Broadway microphones are built around our 3mm EC3 omni electret capsule which is housed in a 5mm (3/16") housing.


  • BE4 earsets fixed cable
  • BED4 earsets 
  • BE4V earsets


  • BH4 headsets fixed cable
  • BHD4 headset


  • BLF4

​​​​​Our microphone brands

Which microphone style you choose is dependent on all sorts of factors - the room acoustics, the performers voice, how many mics you are using, how "invisible" you need them to be.  Should everyone have the same type of mic?  And on it goes ...

Storage Sleeve

We prefer lavaliers, small lavaliers that can be readily hidden in the hair, or a beard or under makeup when attached to the face, sewn into folds of the costume.  Howerer our biggest seller currently is the earset ranges, based on ease of use and the ability to place the mic just short of the mouth.

Bodypack Belts


Our PH16 is a 16 pocket transmitter/microphone hanger for the safe storage and display of 16 bodypack transmitters

​​​​​Microphones for bodypack transmitters

​​​​​UpStage Theatre Microphone Packs




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​​​​​Bodypack Microphone Accessories

​​​​​What is the best microphone style for my show?

We package many of our Broadway and Drury Lane microphones in packages with lots of extras - spare cables, extra clips and pop filters.

These represent great value for money especially the mics with detachable cables where the package will save you at least 30%.

Our PHS17 is a zippered pouch that perfectly fits the PH16.

Keira microphones are any microphones we build that don't use either the EC2 or the EC3 capsules 


  • KH8c cardioid earsets
  • KH9b cardioid headsets


  • KL6 1/4" omni earsets 
    KL8c cardioid earsets 
    KL9b cardioid earsets

Our TB30/TB40 waist belts are ideal for securing the transmitter packs to actors.   Available in Black or "Nude"