The EC3 electret condenser capsule is mounted, and the cable anchored such that little or no noise is transmitted to the capsule due to cable movement or even the rustle of clothing/costumes.  In extreme circumstances - like a taffeta dress, the normal precautions should be observed.

Simply choose the color that best suits your application.  You can even mix and match - use a cream headset for a light-skinned performer who is wearing a black or dark outfit, or a black headset on a dark skinned speaker wearing a light jacket.

All Bodymics Broadway and Drury Lane microphones are covered by out replacement warranty for 1 year and 5 days from date of purchase.

The warranty covers electrical failure and manufacturing defects only.  Any and all damage to cables is not covered.  99% of all warranty claims to date (and that is less than .2% of our sales over the last 2 years were caused by stretch cables or physical damage to booms.

 One Year Limited Replacemant Warranty

​   High Quality Spring Clothing Clip


​​KL10 Cardioid Lavalier

​  Little to No Cable Noise.

   Low clothing rustle

The EC8 electret condenser capsule produces a great natural sounding microphone.  With a nice flat frequency response from 40Hz to 16kHz the KL10 lavalier is a breeze to equalize to any room and to reproduce the talent's voice accurately.

The KL10 earset is similar in performance to the Shure WL185 or the Audio-Technica ATM831 lavaliers.  It is not a clone, but rather a microphone that we have manufacture in China, using mainly off the shelf components that we have selected for quality vs. value.  This has produced a microphone that works amazingly well for the small investment required.

We have kept the price down. At less than $50.00 for most connector/wiring configurations it represents unbelievable value for money. That's about 25% of the cost of it's inspiration, yet in real world situations - on a theatrical stage - anyone would be hard pressed to hear any difference between them.

The KL10 is covered by our 12 month replacement warranty policy

​   3/8" Cardioid Capsule.

   Integrated Mesh Windscreen

​  Cardioid Response with Natural Sounding Response.

   Remarkedly flat for a cardioid

​​​​​​​​Integrated Mesh Windscreen

The above connectors fit most of the wireless microphone brands - though they don't necessarily wire them the same as each other.  We can supply the connector and wiring you need.

 Models for Most Major Wireless Systems

The KL10 is supplied with an all steel tie clip with a circular spring microphone holder that is easy to fit and remove, but that will always stay in place.

This style of clip cannot accidentally detach from the microphone.

All metal housing, including the integrated wire mesh windscreen assembly, encapsulates our EC8  3/8" diameter cardioid capsule. 

These KL10 series lavaliers are undeniably among the best value professional lavaliers currently on the market

  ​ Drawsting Storage Pouch

    Soft black velveteen

Rugged.   UNDER $60

 Phone:  908-899-1277

The KL10 lavaliers are supplied standard with a drawstring velveteen storage pouch.

We also offer an alternative zippered

storage pouch.

​   Only available in Black

   This works for about 99% of uses






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