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  • Receivers
  • Bodypacks or HH
  • Broadway or any bodypack mics 
  • Any antenna system
  • Choice of Roadcase/Rack
  • Choice of storage solutions
  • Choice of power solutions

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Authorized dealer

We are great fans of the ATW 2000 and ATW 3000 series wireless systems and think they represent the best value for money of all the major wireless microphone manufacturers.

​The new System 10 2.4GHz systems are innovative and versatile - just keep them away from wireless hotspots and they are a terrific solution for smaller systems with 10 or fewer required microphopne.

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A Bodymics brand

We are pleased to announce we have introduced 2 wireless system models under our RFdevices brand.

The U100 series is an entry level dual receiver in a half width 1u case with 100 selectable frequencies per receiver - can run upto 8 channels (4 units) without interference.  $179 + mics

The U400 is a quad receiver in a 1u case on 500 MHz band that means we can operate 4 to 6 systems together fora possible 16-20-24 mics in the same space  $799 + mics

We specialize in pre-racked systems ... plug in turn on and use out of the box 2 to 40 channels! Look

Approved Reseller

Shure is the All American Brand - except now like all of us they have shipped most of their manufacturing offshore -first to Mexico and now China.​  Thankfully neither of these moves have damaged the reliability and quality of their products.

We are fans of the SLX and ULX series - both are represented in our rental stock. The BLX - not so much.

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Approved Reseller

Sennheiser has an amazing track record in the wireless microphone world!  We lo=ve the Evolution series ew100/ew300/ew500 systems - not so much the entry level XSW (represent a great value price point).

Sennheiser probably allows for the most simultaneous channels (on legal bands) of all the midrange systems on the market.

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