DC-DC cables availavle on bodymics store

We have manufactured cables to let you acheive this:

  • Short DC power cables - 4" to 12"
  • Short AC IEC cables - 1,2,3,4,6ft
  • Short RF BNC & SMA cables - 4" to 14",
  •                  XLR extensions feature
  •    .tapered length fly cables at each end to keep the cables neat in a rack and at the mixer where each cable is 1.1" shorter than the one next to it (and we have them in left and right attach so it doesn't matter which side the rack is on).

In addition we manufacture a range of high output count Antenna Distribution Systems - our ADS.282 and ADA.28 single rack height dual 8 way units and are unbelievable ADU.24 1U dual 24 way antenna divider which will both provide power to and feed 2 antenna signals to up to 24 wireless receiver units - if you have Sennheiser receivers it will power all of them via the B side antenna outputs.

Would you prefer something more like this

RF Cables for sale in bodymics store


Loom'D Cables in Bodymics Store

Does your Audio Equipment or Wireless  Mic Receiver Rack look like this

Short IEC AC Power Cables for sale on bodymics store


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