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For an extra $15.00 we add another foam windscreen, another plastic cable clip, swap the plastic clamshell box for a zippered storage case with room for a transmitter pack, and give you an extra year of warranty against failure.

Connector. Wiring. for most major & many minor Brands of Wireless Systems




The dpa style ear-hook or ear-hanger or ear-cuff (depending on who you talk to) is just about the easiest to use single ear headworn device out there.  No adjustments, just hook it over the ear with the little nub nearest the boom sitting in the small cavity behind the earlobe, and the coil extends over the er and into the top part of the ear - gently holding both sides of the ear.  Instantly stable with no fiddling with twisting and shaping the hook.


Thin. Easy Hide. Flexible. Cable. The Good. The Bad.


Just $79*  

12 Months Warranty

*except:-AT, -LE, -PV ... add $5 to $25 each


Color. Choice.  Cream.  Black.

Little. No. Cable Noise. Clothing Rustle

​Omni Pickup.  Less Coloration. 



All Bodymics Broadway and Drury Lane microphones are covered by out replacement warranty for 1 year and 5 days from date of purchase.

The warranty covers electrical failure and manufacturing defects only.  Any and all damage to cables is not covered.  99% of all warranty claims to date (and that is less than .2% of our sales over the last 2 years were caused by stretch cables or physical damage to booms.

Double the Warranty, Upgrade Storage to Zippered Case, Add Spares

LIST PRICE:  $249              MAP/STREET:  $159              DIRECT:  $80*

The EC3 electret condenser capsule has an omni-directional pickup (polar) pattern.  In all but the mostfeedback prone locations, an omni-directional capsule will usually give you as much gain before feedback as a cardioid capsule with way less complicated EQ settings, and a more natural sound.

The major point of failure on all body-worn microphones - regardless of brand, style or cost - is the cable - usually at the connector or the entry in the mic boom.  Using field replaceable cables on headworn mics was pioneered by Countryman and is the most cost effective addition to the genre.  Since a mic costs between $70 and $700 and a cable costs between $23 and $60 you can greatly extend the life of a microphone by spending a little more initially. 

1 Year Limited Replacement Warranty

The EC3 electret condenser capsule is mounted, and the cable anchored such that little or no noise is transmitted to the capsule due to cable movement or even the rustle of clothing/costumes.  In extreme circumstances - like a tafferty dress, the normal precaustions should be observed.

We use 6 connectors (4 shown) that fit most of the common wireless microphone brands - Note the various manufacturers wire these connectors differently.  We can supply the connector and wiring you need.



The EC3 electret condenser capsule is sealed from moisture, making failures due to sweat or water getting into the microphone almost impossible.

Sweat. ​Water. Resistant. Sealed.

The BEV4 earset uses our EC3 "near invisible" 1/8" omnidirectional capsule, but in an all new earset design.  

This mic has an all silicon earhook that is super comfortable to wear and needs no adjustments to fit any ear as it tends to mold itself to the wearer.  

The new polymer boom tube is a little thicker than our current aluminum boom, but it is very flexible and does not require quite the same level of care when re-shaping.  The boom can slide back and forth make it a universal fit to any face. 

We manufacture the BEV4 in China and this plus our low overhead costs has allowed us to make this microphone available at a great price - under $80.00* (in most variants).  The nearest competitor to this new earset is almost $750.00 and while it does perform a little better, in real world situations - on a theatrical stage - anyone would be hard pressed to hear any difference between them.

The BEV4 is covered by our 12 month replacement warranty policy


​Adjustable Length. Ultra Flexible. Virtually Unbreakable. Boom. 

Soft. Drawstring. Storage Pouch

*$5.00 Surcharge on AT, PV, SA models

Soft. Comfortable. Easy Fit. 


​​​​​Broadway BEV4 "Unbreakable Boom" Earsets

The BEV4 earsets are supplied standard with a drawstring velveteen storage pouch.

We also offer an alternative zippered storage pouch.



​Natural.  Flat Response.  Easy to EQ.

Our standard (and only) cable option is just under 1/16" in diameter and is very easy to hide in a costume or wig or hair.  The down side is that it is a little fragile when handled roughly - bodypack drops, tugging when removing a costume or wrapping cable around the bodypack transmitter. 


The EC3 electret condenser omnidirectional cartridge produces a great natural sounding microphone.  With a nice flat frequency response from 20Hz to 20kHz the BEV4 earset is a breeze to equalize to any room and to reproduce the talents voice accurately.

​"Near Invisible" 3/16" Omni Capsule.



The BEV4 boom slides back & forth through the ear-hanger allowing the boom length to be set from 0.4" to about 4" - so it can be positioned to suit almost anyone perfectly. 

The spiral metal/polymer boom is very flexible, will stay where you bend it, but can be reshaped over and over with very little care and almost no chance of breaking.

Simply choose the color that best suits your application.  You can even mix and match - use a cream headset for a light-skinned performer who is wearing a black or dark outfit, or a black headset on a dark skinned speaker wearing a light jacket.


Whatever works!

Fitted with our "near invisible" 3/16" (4.5mm) diameter capsule, these BEV4 series earsets are undeniably the best value professional earsets with detachable cables currently on the market

Field Replaceable Cables. Saves $$.


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